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Project Access

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Project Access

Project Access Resource Center logo. Education. Engagement. Empowerment.

Welcome to Project Access at ...

Your space to explore, learn, connect, and find answers to your most pressing needs. We provide no cost after school programs, classes, special events, and more. We're here for you and can't wait to meet you!


Programs Available to You

5 women doing exercise together in a Project Access fitness class. Health and wellness
Adults sitting at tables, taking notes. Economic Stability
  • Fitness Classes
  • Food Access
  • Health & Nutrition Education
  • Mental Health Workshops
  • Employment Services
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Technology Support
Mom and son working together on homework. Education for youth and families.
Community working on planting a garden. Community building.
  • After School Programs
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Parent/Caregiver Classes
  • Community Building Events
  • Family Engagement
  • Safety Awareness

We also offer computer access, copy and print services, information and referral, and translation support.


Resident Success Stories

Hear from other residents how they've utilized Project Access programs.


Cindy's Story


Otis' Story


Lucia's Story


What Residents Are Saying

"Project Access has helped me and my wife so much. They answered all of my calls and questions." - Philip


"Project Access makes me feel connected to the community. I've had an opportunity to learn to cook new meals and a chance to try new crafts!" - Silvia


"I love the services that Project Access provides to the community! My family and I recently relocated, and the services Project Access offers have eased our minds during this transition. My children have enjoyed the after school program and have met some new neighborhood friends." - Fawn


Contact Project Access Today!

Visit us at the Resource Center located on the bottom floor of the leasing office. To get to there from the street side (off Bayport), walk up the stairs into the Leasing Office. After entering the double doors take the stair case on the left then head down and through the glass door to arrive at the center. To get there from the property side, if you are on ground level, facing the leasing office building, you will take the stairs located on your left next to the pool. You will go down the steps to the full window wall where you will find directional signage and the doors to enter the Project Access Center. You can also reach us at (949) 594-1239.